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The Internet has emerged as an important arena for research and issues management. Below is a comprehensive listing of useful website and resources to assist with your research and strategic planning.

Internet resources are categorised as follows:
Business Ethics
Codes of Conduct
CSR - Community
CSR - Employee Volunteering
CSR - Environment
CSR - Measurement/Reporting
CSR - News
CSR - Organisations/Networks/Research Centres
Government/Public Policy
Issues Management
Public Affairs Organisations
Regional Economic Groups
Shareholder Relations

Internet Resource

Applied Ethics Resources links I
Category: Business Ethics
A gateway to articles and case studies on business ethics.
Ethics Resource Centre (ERC) I
Category: Business Ethics
A US-based organisation helping to implement ethics and compliance programme activities through research, measurement of ethics compliance and effectiveness, and the development of educational resources and white papers.
EthicsCentre I
Category: Business Ethics
EthicsCentre brokers partnerships, fosters understanding, identifies best practices and helps develop ethically based leadership for today's organisations.
Institute of Business Ethics (IBE) I
Category: Business Ethics
The mission of IBE is to disseminate knowledge and best practice in business ethics. Through helping to raise public awareness of the importance of ethical business, and collaboration with UK and international organisations, the IBE seeks to strengthen the ethics culture and encourage high standards of business practice.
St James Ethics Centre I
Category: Business Ethics
An Australian organisation specialising in ethics from both individual and organisational perspectives.
Caux Round Table — Guide to CSR and Business Ethics Code I
Category: Codes of Conduct
Summaries of selected corporate responsibility codes and standards such as Amnesty International, ILO, etc.
International Labour Organisation (ILO) Codes of Conduct for Multinationals I
Category: Codes of Conduct
Lists information on different codes of conduct for multinational companies.
Millennium Development Goals I
Category: Codes of Conduct
Lists the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and country-by-country reports against these goals.
Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) I
Category: Codes of Conduct
Website contains information on OECD guidelines and many internationally recognised standards and codes of conduct.
Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) I
Category: Codes of Conduct
United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment provide a framework for considering environmental, social and corporate governance issues in investment portfolios.
United Nations Declaration of Human Rights I
Category: Codes of Conduct
Provides an overview of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights (adopted on December 10, 1948) as a universally recognised framework or guiding code of conduct.
United Nations Global Compact I
Category: Codes of Conduct
Comprehensive, up-to-date site with information on the role and potential of the Global Compact.
Asia Pacific Centre for Philanthropy and Social Investment I
Category: CSR - Community
Part of the Swinburne University of Technology, this Centre focuses on research relating specifically to philanthropy and social investment.
Business in the Community I
Category: CSR - Community
Business in the Community provides strategic advice and services to business on how to integrate responsible business practice.
Centre for Social Impact I
Category: CSR - Community
The Centre for Social Impact (CSI) provides top class teaching and world class research to deliver community benefit and generate social innovation.
Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy I
Category: CSR - Community
International forum of business CEOs and Chairpersons focusing on corporate philanthropy with the aim of leading the business community in raising the level and quality of corporate philanthropy.
Partnerships Central I
Category: CSR - Community
Partnerships Central is a forum for civil society, governments, intergovernmental organisations and industry sector associations to form partnerships in sustainable development.
Philanthropy Australia I
Category: CSR - Community
The national peak body for philanthropy, which seeks to represent, grow, and inspire effective philanthropic activity in Australia.
The European Forum on Philanthropy and Research Funding I
Category: CSR - Community
An initiative aiming to help underpin philanthropic funding for research through the exchange of experiences and best practices, the development of cooperation on research funding, and the promotion of a favourable environment for foundation and private philanthropy undertakings.
Win-Win Partners I
Category: CSR - Community
Part of the Ford Foundation Corporate Involvement Initiative, Win-Win Partners fosters community investment through research, brokering, and networking opportunities.
Australian Business Volunteers I
Category: CSR - Employee volunteering
An international development agency that sends skilled business volunteers to the developing countries of the Asia Pacific region.
Goodcompany I
Category: CSR - Employee volunteering
Employee volunteering broker for skilled professionals and community groups based in Australia.
Points of Light Institute I
Category: CSR - Employee volunteering
The Points of Light Institute is a US, non-partisan, non-profit organisation dedicated to engaging more volunteers and resources to help solve serious social issues.
Pro Bono Australia's Volunteer Match I
Category: CSR - Employee volunteering
Matching service for skilled professionals and NFPs.
Volunteering Australia I
Category: CSR - Employee volunteering
Volunteering Australia is the national peak body working to advance volunteering in the Australian community.

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